We're (almost) back

The Growth Report #43

Happy Friday My Friend!

It seems like ages ago, since I bade you farewell for the year just before Christmas.

Well here I am. Still a bit sleepy from my hibernation, slash mini-retreat in the mountains, but (almost) ready to bring back The Growth Report in it's full, gushing glory.

Okay, let's start with the formalities: Happy new year! I hope you and your families had some relaxing holidays? Very Good.

Let's see, what else...senate capitol riots...100 million confirmed covid cases...new US president...same Portuguese president...fucked up vaccine rollouts...Reddit taking down Wallstreet...We still try our best to pack years into months I see. Check.

On to business.

I wrote almost ready up there because this week we still had some finance, admin, planning and cleaning up to do that (according to our accountant) takes precedent to this publication.

BUT, to not leave you hanging entirely, I share this weeks favorite articles and digital finds below.

Next week I'll have some announcements to make and then we continue with the usual vigor and determination that you came to expect from this newsletter.

Ahoy! Let's do this.

Quote of the week:

“Wherever you are, make sure you’re there.”

–  Dan Sullivan

Picture of the week:

Marketing & Leadership Education

  • 🏎️ Racecar Growth Framework - The best article I have read to give you clarity on the difference between sustainable vs. short term growth. Must read!

  • 👂Landing Page Conversion Guide - This one's a bit more tactical and offers a step-by-step guide on designing landing pages that convert. The formula is simple and easy to understand (but hard to master!).

Brands and (Digital) Products that caught my eye

  • 🔗 Piar.io - Link previews are so underrated. They are shared all across social media, and still very few people take the time to optimize them. Piar helps you do just that.

  • 🤯 OpenAI DALL-E - The folks behind Open AI have trained a neural network called DALL-E to create images from text inputs. It's quite insane. e.g. You type "Avocado Shaped Chair" and the computer generates 100s of different designs for you.

  • 🎨 Roy - A color picker that sits in your Mac Toolbar. If you design anything, this is a life-and time-saver.

Interesting reads

  • 🗺️ The Map is Not the Territory - A dense, but worthwhile article on how we relate to reality.

  • 🌆 The Happy City - Across the world there is an emergent trend on the way: So called Creator Towns, like a mix between the exciting urban life and community aspect of the suburbs. A dire need for all lonely hustler millennials out there.

That's (already) it for today.

See you next week,