The Art and Science Behind B2B Marketing

The Growth Leadership Show - Episode #9

Happy Friday!

The first podcast season comes to an end. 🥳

And we got a real practitioner on the mic this week.

Prashant Mohan is the CMO at Sharesight, a stock portfolio tracking software for investors. 🎙️

The unusual part? He originally came up as a trained software engineer.

In our conversation he shares personal stories about the rocky transition into marketing and how his developer mindset has helped him along the way.

Prashant marries data-driven marketing (the science part) with beautiful story telling (the art part), which makes for a really refreshing perspective on our industry.

Enjoy the listen!

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🎙️ Ep09 - The Art and Science Behind B2B Marketing

Guest: Prashant Mohan

🤙 Street Cred: CMO at Sharesight

👋 Follow Prashant: LinkedIn | Website

The Episode in Its Full Glory ✨

🧰 Show Notes:

In this episode, you'll learn more about:

  • Dealing with Constraints and Challenges

  • Simplifying Messages and Determining Value Propositions

  • The Marketer’s Role in a B2B Setting

  • Arming a Creative Person with the Right Tools

  • Brands Are Not the Hero of the Story

  • Becoming a Marketing Agent of Change

  • Meta Skills of the Modern Marketer

  • What Non-Technical Marketers Should Know

  • Allowing Employees the Space and Time to Create

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