🎙️Podcast #4: On Building Resilience and Learning How to Fail

The Growth Leadership Show - Ep#4

Happy Friday You Maverick!

I’m back with another podcast episode of The Growth Leadership Show.

This week we have Ben Harmanus behind the mic. 🎙️

He’s the Head of Brand Marketing for HubSpot in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Now, Ben has a bit of a unique marketing career trajectory, because he started out as a professional rollerblader. 🤘

In the episode he tells us all about how we can apply lessons and principles from the extreme sports world to business and leadership.

One of my favorite quotes from the episode:

“One of my biggest advantages today is: I learned how to fall. Because there isn't a day in rollerblading that you're not trying a new trick, so you fall way more than you succeed. In fact you fall hundreds of times every day. I can tell you, I got pretty good at falling. But you just get back up and try again. And so now for me this is just part of the job.”

He is down to earth, truly cares about people and his terrific attitude will rub off on you while listening.

👏 👏 Now give it away for…

...Today's Podcast Episode with Ben Harmanus

🎙️ Full Episode Recording:
Episode #4: On Building Resilience and Learning to Fail

🧰 Show Notes:
Highlights from the episode and all resources mentioned

🎙️ Full Episode Recording

About the Guest

🤙 Street Cred: Head of Brand Marketing at HubSpot, founder and host of HubSpots Digital Helpdesk Podcast, Author of the book Content Design.

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🧰 Show Notes:

After listening, you'll understand: 🤓

  • How to Better Represent Women in Tech

  • How to Measure the Success of a Podcast

  • How Extreme Sports Taught Ben to Become A Resilient Leader

  • 3 Ways to Improve the Podcast Experience for the Guest and the Audience

  • How You Can Train Yourself to “Fail Better”

  • Why Helping Others Succeed is Such a Vital Part of Your Career

  • Why it's worth investing in a personal coach

  • How to Effectively Work as a Team to Build a Podcast

Resources & Tools Mentioned

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