How to Radically Differentiate And Create Your Own Niche

The Growth Report #62

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I sat together with Chris Lochhead, one of the leading voice in category design and radical differentiation. He co-authored two Amazon bestselling books on these topics, called Play Bigger and Niche Down, and also runs a popular newsletter named Category Pirates.

He’s not afraid to say what he thinks (rants on minimum viable products and personal branding included), and swears like a sailor.

It’s an entertaining and edgy conversation where we talk at length on why you should avoid being everything to everybody (aka a wandering generality) and lots of examples of companies who have carved out lucrative niches for themselves.

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🎙️ Podcast Episode #14

On Radical Differentiation and Creating Your Own Niche Category

Guest: Christopher Lochhead

🤙 Street Cred: Author of two #1 Amazon Bestsellers, Podcaster and Entrepreneur

👋 Follow Chris: LinkedIn | Twitter

Topics Discussed:

  • What is category design and radical differentiation?

  • How can a company differentiate itself

  • Dealing with a boss who doesn’t believe in radical differentiation and niching down

  • The distinction between missionaries and mercenaries in business

  • Category creation for small businesses

  • Why to focus on one thing and to be the best at it, rather than being okay at a lot of things.

  • Category designers can change the world in their image

  • The hero's journey and how you can tell a brand story

  • Why people love game changers and how you can capitalize on it

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