How To Link Your Content Marketing To Business Results

The Growth Leadership Show #16

Hey Maverick,

You are in a for a real treat today.

I couple weeks back I got Dr. Fio Dossetto (editorial lead at Wildbit) on the podcast.

Fio’s been in content marketing since 2010. That’s like OG status in internet and marketing years. 🤘

And when you listen to our conversation, you feel the decade of experience oozing out of her words.

When Fio talks about building and scaling content teams and operations you know she’s been there.

When she shares strategies and tactics on user research and product-led content it’s clear she walked that path herself.

And so if you work in content marketing or lead a content operation of any sort, listen to this one.

You will walk away with some tangible and actionable insights.

Pinky swear!

PS: If you dig geeking out on content, her newsletter contentfolks is a must-read.

🎙️ Podcast Episode #16

How To Link Your Content Marketing To Business Results

Guest: Dr. Fio Dossetto

🤙 Street Cred: Editorial Lead at Wildbit, formerly content marketing manager at Aula and HotJar.

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Conversation Topics:

  • How to manage a team of content writers

  • How to decide what content to produce in-house and what to outsource

  • How to interview experts to build thought-leadership content

  • On hiring VA’s to scale your content operations

  • What is product-led content and how to implement it

  • How to produce content that links back to your business results

  • Why focusing on content distribution is key

  • Why user research is at the heart of content marketing

  • How to get started with customer research

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