From First Marketing Hire to Chief Growth Officer

The Growth Leadership Show - Ep #7

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It is time for another Episode of The Growth Leadership Show.

This week we got Nadya Khoja on the mic. 🎤

We’ll be talking about her journey from theater school (!) to managing a team of 20 marketers as the Chief Growth Officer at Venngage.

Nadya also touches on her leadership philosophies, imposter tendencies and the importance of analytical ability.

She’s an articulate straight talker, so get ready for some hard truths that will make you a better thinker, marketer (and human being). 🤯

Don’t miss this one.

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🍔 Some Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • There is a fundamental difference between Hacks / Experiments and Strategic Roadmaps. Both have their place, but knowing when to use which is the key.

  • Fostering ownership and accountability for employees is one of the highest leverage activities you can do as a leader. Nadya goes into detail how she does it.

  • Being nice at all cost is not the hallmark of a good leader. The job of a leader is to inspire, influence and guide others to participate in a common goal. That involves telling the truth when something is not going well.

🎙️ Ep07 - From First Marketing Hire to Chief Growth Officer

Guest: Nadya Khoja, Chief Growth Officer at Venngage

🤙 Street Cred: Chief Growth Officer at Venngage, writer for Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Mashable and Wired Magazine.

👋 Follow Nadya: LinkedIn | Website

The Episode in Its Full Glory ✨

🧰 Show Notes:

In this episode, you'll learn more about:

  • Nadya’s Journey from One-Man-Show to Chief Growth Officer

  • The 'Bottleneck Problem' for Managers

  • Fostering Ownership and Accountability for Employees

  • Hacks and Experiments vs. Strategies

  • How to conduct One-On-One Meetings

  • Feeling like an Imposter as a Manager and why that's normal

  • Nice Managers vs. Effective Managers

  • Internal Collaboration between Departments

  • How the Venngage Marketing Team is Structured

  • What Nadya is looking for in a New Hire

Enjoy this conversation with Nadya! It’s worth your time.

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